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Criminal, Small Business & Family Law

Since 1998
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Criminal Law

Felonies & Misdemeanors

Ms. Yang represents clients charged with an array of felonies and misdemeanors from arrest to trial. She is an experienced litigator in criminal law and has handled homicides, assaults, robberies, domestic violence cases, child abuse,  sexual abuse charges and DWI’s.

Her experience including complex, long term investigations relating to narcotics, labor racketeering, enterprise corruption and insurance fraud. Ms. Yang understands the impact a criminal record can have on employment & hiring decisions and professional licenses.

State & Federal Agencies

Ms. Yang represents clients who are the subject of investigations by state and federal authorities including the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Department of Investigations (DOI) among others.

Financial Regulatory

Ms. Yang represents clients who are under informal and formal SEC investigation for possible infringements. She regularly works with companies and individuals who are the target, subject or merely witnesses of  investigations or enforcement proceedings.

These include financial fraud, investment company issues, insider trading or broker-dealer issues.

Juvenile Criminal

In New York State, all juvenile (17 and under) criminal matters are handled by Family Court. However, in matters of violent criminal behavior, juveniles may rarely be tried as an adult in Criminal Court. In absence of a negotiate settlement (pleas deal), Juvenile matters are decided by a Judge alone and does not entail a formal trial. The Judge can also place the juvenile in a variety of facilities that have different areas of treatment and confinement.


Title IX Proceedings

We represent clients accused of Title IX violations, which often involve sexual offenses that could result in university disciplinary proceedings through possible criminal cases.

Ms. Yang is uniquely positioned to handle both matters simultaneously with an eye towards minimizing  both outcomes. University disciplinary proceedings can result in suspension, probation to expulsion and loss of credits  and tuition. Students can also received a permanent notation of same on their academic transcript which could impede employment.



Ms. Yang routinely conducts comprehensive investigations for her clients.

Investigative/compliance experience includes: internal compliance examinations, independent verification of submitted work & invoices, forensic analysis and internal audits, investigations for welfare/Medicaid fraud, falsifying records/documents, violations of criminal law or civil liability, accident(s) or specific incident(s) and election fraud, sexual harassment and elder abuse, financial audits relating to financial crimes/criminal investigations for litigation purposes.


Real Estate & Small Business

Residential &

Commercial Properties

Ms. Yang represent both sellers and buyers of real estate, including co-operative apartments & condominiums.

Ms. Yang understands how to negotiate the purchase/sale, and manage the moving parts of even the most complex real estate transactions. These includes lenders, title companies,  management companies and the respective boards of coops and condominiums in New York City and State.

Commercial Real Estate Leases

Ms. Yang’s regularly handles commercial leases for office space, usually retail and restaurant clients. She can negotiate new leases with a landlord, simply renew them or assist in a sublet or assignment of your lease.

Proper due diligence of commercial leases requires experience with lenders, landlords, tenants, management companies and financials (cost analysis & space evaluation).

Investment Properties &

1031 Exchanges

Ms. Yang understands the insulated world of New York City real estate. Purchasing  investment properties requires experience with lenders, landlords, tenants, management companies and an understanding of New York history. 

Her experience includes creating and incorporating entities, including 1031 exchanges, for the purposes of investing in real estate. These includes trusts, LLCs, s-corporations as well as partnerships and publicly traded companies.

Small Business


Starting, buying or managing a small business in New York City can be fraught with pitfalls. Our experience with all manner of regulatory agencies can make the process far simpler, minimize wasted time and maximize returns of your investment.

Ms. Yang has experience working with startups, retail stores, physicians, restauranteurs & media companies as they negotiate all aspects of doing business in New York City.


Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Matrimonial

Ms. Yang handles all aspects of divorce proceedings on various aspects of family law, including equitable distribution, child support and maintenance, child custody and visitation and paternity.

She has specific experience handling contested divorces and complex matrimonial and custody cases. She additionally provide legal services for all domestic relations matters; including prenuptial and separation agreements, as well as uncontested divorce, spousal support, visitation and domestic violence.

Neglect Proceedings

Defending a parent/guardian in neglect proceedings, corollary to a criminal action. Ms. Yang also handles removal proceedings and helps navigate the maze of Administration For Childrens Services (ACS) in order to reunite the parent/guardian with the children.

Ruth has the necessary experience to manage the myriad processes of the ACS. This includes bringing in specialists and programs, such as: therapists, drug/alcohol counseling, anger management/parenting classes and batters’ programs, as necessary.

ACS Investigations

Ms. Yang has experience representing parents or guardians who are under ASC investigation stemming from a 3rd party complaint, criminal action or divorce proceeding. She also handles appeals when a parent has been “indicated”.  



David Wong

Sky Express Bus Company

Ruth did an amazing job in a high-pressure situation. We were dealing with State & Federal regulatory investigations with the NTSAB, FMSCA and the US Attorney’s Office as well as two vehicular homicide charges in a highly charged politically environment. Ruth handled all aspects of this complicated case very professionally and with aplomb. She never wavered, and even managed to inject some sanity into the process.

We cannot recommend her more highly.

David Wong

General Manager

Rupert Noffs

The Lucky Bee

Opening a restaurant in New York is a very risky endeavor, opening a restaurant on the Lower East Side without Ruth would have been suicide. She helped in almost every single aspect of our place, from negotiating the lease agreements, assisting with architects, contractors & vendors during construction, and being our “go to” person throughout the process.

Without Ruth, we would have started out in a far worse position, as New York City teaches expensive lessons.

Rupert Noffs


Kelly Cutrone - Founder of People's Revolution. Author. Publicist.

Ruth is one of the most intelligent, fierce, tenacious, thorough and brilliant lawyers I have ever met and worked with. Her skill set is vast beyond multi-tiered. She has aced and won every case we have ever given her. She is our go-to Goddess Warrior for all things legal.

Adam Rothman

Douglas Elliman Broker

No detail is unimportant when you’re purchasing your dream home, and there is absolutely no substitute for experience in New York City. Ruth is someone who has seen it all, and is a fierce advocate of her Client’s interests. She has even advised Clients not to purchase homes, that I have recommended, because of details in the co-op agreement.

And despite that, but probably because of, she’s got my strong recommendation.

Adam Rothman

Douglas Elliman

Julian Ashley

Dutch Petals Flower Shop

When negotiating a lease agreement, no detail is too small. Ruth drafted terms that minimized our cash outlays for rent and deposits that would have made opening much harder. She also crafted terms in the lease that gave us levels of protection that we didn’t think were possible and made our launch less capital intensive and far less stressful.

We truly sleep better knowing Ruth was in our corner.

Julian Ashley



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