Divorce & Matrimonial

Ms. Yang handles all aspects of divorce proceedings on various aspects of family law, including equitable distribution, child support and maintenance, child custody and visitation and paternity.

She has specific experience handling contested divorces and complex matrimonial and custody cases. She additionally provide legal services for all domestic relations matters; including prenuptial and separation agreements, as well as uncontested divorce, spousal support, visitation and domestic violence.

Neglect Proceedings

Defending a parent/guardian in neglect proceedings, corollary to a criminal action. Ms. Yang also handles removal proceedings and helps navigate the maze of Administration For Childrens Services (ACS) in order to reunite the parent/guardian with the children.

Ruth has the necessary experience to manage the myriad processes of the ACS. This includes bringing in specialists and programs, such as: therapists, drug/alcohol counseling, anger management/parenting classes and batters’ programs, as necessary.

ACS Investigations

Ms. Yang has experience representing parents or guardians who are under ASC investigation stemming from a 3rd party complaint, criminal action or divorce proceeding. She also handles appeals when a parent has been “indicated”.