Residential &

Commercial Properties

Ms. Yang represent both sellers and buyers of real estate, including co-operative apartments & condominiums.

Ms. Yang understands how to negotiate the purchase/sale, and manage the moving parts of even the most complex real estate transactions. These includes lenders, title companies,  management companies and the respective boards of coops and condominiums in New York City and State.

Commercial Real Estate Leases

Ms. Yang’s regularly handles commercial leases for office space, usually retail and restaurant clients. She can negotiate new leases with a landlord, simply renew them or assist in a sublet or assignment of your lease.

Proper due diligence of commercial leases requires experience with lenders, landlords, tenants, management companies and financials (cost analysis & space evaluation).

Investment Properties &

1031 Exchanges

Ms. Yang understands the insulated world of New York City real estate. Purchasing  investment properties requires experience with lenders, landlords, tenants, management companies and an understanding of New York history. 

Her experience includes creating and incorporating entities, including 1031 exchanges, for the purposes of investing in real estate. These includes trusts, LLCs, s-corporations as well as partnerships and publicly traded companies.

Small Business


Starting, buying or managing a small business in New York City can be fraught with pitfalls. Our experience with all manner of regulatory agencies can make the process far simpler, minimize wasted time and maximize returns of your investment.

Ms. Yang has experience working with startups, retail stores, physicians, restauranteurs & media companies as they negotiate all aspects of doing business in New York City.